Our New Year’s Resolution

NYC East RiverIn 2012, we started this blog with hopes to keep our customers, fans and other random readers continuously informed and entertained.  We wanted this space to be the place that people could come to learn about our company, stay updated on the latest news, and find fun activities in New York City that visitors could enjoy while spending time in our town.

We never really did that.

But with a new year comes a new devotion.  In 2013 the CitySightseeing New York blog space is going to be the place that you want to go to prepare for your trip.  All of the travel news and NYC fun will be packed into this area so that when you get to the Big Apple, you’re ready for it.

Our New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is to provide you, internet friends, with a blog that you want to check back to all the time.  A blog they you want to send to your friends who are getting ready to visit NYC.  A blog that you love.

Here’s to 2013!

Photo Credit: Flickr / Stephane Enten


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