Grand Central Terminal Turns 100!

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Grand Central Terminal turn 100 years old

Tomorrow, Grand Central Terminal is turning 100!

February 1st is a big birthday for the most historic transportation hub in New York City, and they’re celebrating.  The party will begin at 9:30 a.m. with West Point Brass and Percussion and the West Point Cadet Color Guard’s presentation of colors. After that, you can expect celebrity appearances and performances by Cynthia Nixon, Keith Hernandez, The Knicks City Dancers, and many more including some surprise guests!

The Terminal will also receive honors from the Guinness Book of world Records, National Park Service, US Postal service and more!  There will be events for kids, music, dancing, and, oh yeah, trains and subways running all day.

Even better, all around the terminal prices will revert to the year 1913, when you could get a coffee for 5¢, fries for 10¢ and of course giveaways and contests throughout the day.

Like I said, they bring out all the stops for the greatest train station in the world.


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