Miss USA Benefit Cruise Tonight

Imagine this, but with the sun setting. Awesome, huh?

In case you haven’t heard, tonight is the big night!  The lovely ladies of the Miss USA Pageant will be all aboard our cruise line for an incredible night on the Hudson in a conjoined effort to raise awareness (and money) for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Everything is prepared and ready to go, with only the weather still in question. (I have personally asked Mother Nature to hold off on the rain tonight, and I always recycle so I’m pretty sure I’m in her good graces.)  The stage is set for an evening that many will never forget.

Now, just hours away from departure, you still have a chance to be a part of it all.  You can ride on the ship, hang out with the Miss USA contestants, see the greatest city in the world at sunset and help the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  All you need to do is buy a ticket, then you have access to it all, plus all of the money from the ticket goes to our friends at BCRF.  If you would rather not, I understand.  You will just be forced to live this night vicariously through our Twitter feed @CruiseNYC.  And yes, for those of you asking, you can count on many tweets tonight.

So it’s your choice: you can hang out with some of the coolest young women in the world while taking a cruise and curing cancer, or you can just regret it later.

See you there!